From poor Charlotte Dymond, we move to Clifford Dyment�s �Fox�, which begins: �Exploiter of the shadows He moved among the fences, A strip of action coiling Around his farmyard fancies.� And so we come to another mammoth, a poet laureate into the bargain, Ted Hughes, who (see above) admired Henry Williamson. Post-modern literary writers come from all across the world. They wrote both about beautiful and twisted things, about human feelings, about the sad realities, about World Wars, about pessimism and humanitarianism. The Anglo-Saxon age comprises about 600 years.Beowoulf is … After all, Oscar Wilde believed that art is for art�s sake, and should not be polluted by politics. The Modernist Period in English Literature occupied the years from shortly after the beginning of the twentieth century through roughly 1965. Harold Pinter, famous for his skilful repartee, wrote, inter alia, �The Birthday Party� and �The Caretaker�. People communicated the poems and literary works orally during the period under consideration. • the decay of plot and characters in writing. In studying the Shakespearean era and the Early modern English period of the English language, it is interesting to view the evolution of language. Well, perhaps he had certain tendencies towards young men, but the question is whether it was right to send him to gaol. Modern poetry exercised great freedom in the choice of themes. Another well-known playwright is Tom Stoppard, also a master of repartee, who escaped from Czechoslovakia in 1938, at the age of one. Shaw was also an expert on class. The chief advocate of the school was Donne, followed by Cowley, Herrick and others. Some of his other books are �Smiley�s Circus�, �A Small town in Germany�, �A Perfect Spy� and �The Constant Gardener� which, despite the alleged end of the Cold War, is as thrilling as ever, questioning the morality of big business. I leave this to your judgment. Like other nations, they sang at their feasts, and the songs were about battles, gods, religion, agriculture and their ancestral heroes. [�] The hedges choke with roses fat as cream.� (from �Home from Abroad�). ... Coodin holds a Ph.D. in English literature from York University in Toronto. It was the poetry of the new age of discovery, enthusiasm and excitement. The essence of this movement was that man discovered and unveiled his new potentials. The invasion extended to the conquest of England in 1066 which was led by William the Conqueror. Learn more about the history of Modernism and its various manifestations. It is also called the Classical Age in literature. Although her writing style is surprisingly simple, she manages to keep the reader hooked by misdirecting him. Its trotters stuck straight out.� (�View of a Pig�). Then we should mention Len Deighton (1929- ), who may have caught the writing bug when doing his National Service as a photographer attached to the Special Investigation Branch. But he is also perceptive about people: the following are extracts about an English lady at a service in Westminster Abbey, during the world war: �Gracious Lord, oh bomb the Germans. Graham Greene (1904-91), who converted to Rome in 1926, was educated at Oxford, and worked for British Intelligence for a while. Th… In the same way, this era is also recognized as the beginning of globalization, one of the main characteristics of the Modern Age. Know Different Ages in History of English Literature By Somnath Sarkar - July 09, 2016 Literary study involves not only the reading of books and the consideration of them on abstract aesthetic grounds, but also a study of the outward manifestations of the spirit of the ages. or �Terrifying are the attent sleek thrushes on the lawn, More coiled steel than living � a poised Dark deadly eye, those delicate legs Triggered to stirrings beyond sense � with a start, a bounce, a stab Overtake the instant and drag out some writhing thing. If you have not, talk to other students. Modern artists, who deliberately sought to break with traditional styles, innovated a wide range of new aesthetics. Victorian Era is seen as the link between Romanticism of the 18th century and the realism of the 20th century. The novel of the Modern Age is realistic in nature. It marks a clear departure from the compromise and stability of the Victorian period. You are encouraged to share the results of your studies, helping not only your fellow students, but me. He tries to include within the limits of the novel almost everything and not a merely one-sided view of it. It also reflects realism to show the plight of everyday working class. Adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections are invariable. Modern literaturecan be broadly divided into two approaches, realismand radicalism, both of which can be traced back to ca. He developed the theme in 1959, with �Brave New World Revisited�. Yours faithfully, William Mallinson 13 March 2012, in the year of our Lord. From the latter, we have the memorable quote: �The question is�, said Alice, �whether you can make words mean different things.� The question is, said Humpty Dumpty, �which is to be master, that�s all.� It was rumoured that he had a not wholly healthy interest in young girls, although there is not a jot of evidence that he ever did anything untoward. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005, and, although part-Jewish, led a group of Jews who campaigned for justice for the Palestinians, embarrassing fanatic Israeli Zionists. The plays took a new form, which lacked emotional approach to life and poetry. Was he Dorian Gray? • It is transformed the whole fabric of private and social life and wrought a revolutionary change in the thought and outlook of the English nation. Th… He comments on the English were cutting; for example: �A person who thinks he is moral when he is only uncomfortable.� Our course then rushes through John Galsworthy, Joseph Conrad (not even British-born) and T.S. �Animal Farm� is an attack on communist totalitarianism. The Normans defeated the Anglo-Saxon King, Harold 11, at the Battle of Hastings and conquered England. After Oxford, he taught at Eton for two years, and then worked for MI5 (which handles, along with the Police�s Special Branch, internal security, but often has rows with MI6 about responsibility for Northern Ireland, because of the connexions with the Republic of Ireland). �Salar the Salmon� is another masterpiece, as is his series of books on the life of Willie Maddison. Born in Paris, where his father was a legal adviser, hiss mother died when he was eight years of age, and his father two years later. • use of symbol and scientific methodology. His thrillers are gripping, and delve deep into morality. We can connect this to the English people�s dislike of being obvious, particularly when it comes to sex, and their embarrassment of sexual matters, often expressed in crude jokes. The Normans not only brought with them soldiers, artisans and traders, they also had scholars to revive knowledge, minstrels to celebrate victories, or sing of adventure and love. Modern Age characteristics. Was he a homosexual? There are thousands of writers and literary works from all over the world which are considered ‘post-modern’ by critics and scholars. This issue was highlighted in the novels of Charles Dickens, who belonged to the Victorian era. No linguistic bulimia or irrelevant sentences, please! The realistic writer is one who thinks that truth to observed facts (facts about the outer world or his own feelings) is the great thing, while an idealist writer wants to create a pleasant picture. There is not a hard and fast rule for when the Victorian period ended (outside the death of Queen Victoria) and when Modernism began. No age in English Literature has produced poets as those belonging to this age. He wrote the play �Murder in the Cathedral�, a very good theatrical adaptation of the dastardly murder of Archbishop Thomas � Becket. During this unique period, English got maturity and widespread popularity among people belonging to every strata of society. Along with the revival of learning, new discoveries took place in several other fields. He is very perceptive, revealing the real, rather than the politically correct and sanitised nonsense of hypocrisy. What do you think?� �Compare the works of Agatha Christie to those of John Le Carr�.� It goes without saying, almost, that merely learning the above few pages, parrot-fashion, will not be sufficient to pass the examination: they represent only a skeletal outline. Though much of this Anglo-Saxon poetry is lost, there are still some fragments left. John Betjeman (a poet laureate), and lover of old England, loved Victoriana, the smell of old churches and musty books. Modernist literature was a predominantly English genre of fiction writing, popular from roughly the 1910s into the 1960s. Poetry in the Renaissance took a new trend. If I compare Tolkien to Rowling�s �Harry Potter�, the latter catapults itself out of existence. At any rate, he is relevant today, as is the inimitable literary giant George Orwell (1903-50), whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair. It was a break from the traditional fundamentals of doing things which modernistic artists and … John Le Carr� (1931- ), whose real name is David Cornwell, is still going strong. Irony, satire, and comparisons were often employed to point out society's ills. The writers and poets considered it their duty to bring people back to religion, and so their work was more moralistic in nature. Nevertheless, he was a competent writer. It has vitality, rich variety and continuity. Modern Poetry and Poetics: 15. �Burmese Days� is a novel which brings out the hypocrisy of empire, and how social class mattered, in a story of unrequited love. No indolent procrastinations and no yawning stares, No sighs or head-scrathings. So here we go! The most important characteristic of Modern Literature is that it is opposed to the general attitude to life and its problems adopted by the Victorian writers and the public, which may be termed ‘Victorian’. When we study the history of English literature, we find that it has passed through certain definite phases, each having marked characteristics. Middle English Literature. Most of them, I have no doubt, are kind-hearted law-abiding men who would never dream of committing murder in private life.� Like several writers, Orwell was also a journalist. A war-memorial that aims for ever Its stopped, stone barrel on the enormous air.� (from �At Grantchester�) or �Oh mother my mouth is full of stars As cartridges in the tray My blood is a twin-branched scarlet tree And it runs all runs away.� (From �Song of the Dying Gunner A.A.1�). Modern period in the English literature begins with the 20th century and remain till 1965. The modern English poetry has shown the opposition of Victorianism. Inaction, no falsifying dream Between my hooked head and hooked feet: Or in a sleep rehearse perfect kills and eat.� (from �Hawk Roosting�). 4. The Characteristics Of Literature In Modern Age Some characteristics of middle englishDocument Transcript Some Characteristics of Middle English Page 1 of 3 Some Characteristics of Middle English Vocabulary: Consider these pairs of Modern English words. English literature is one of the richest literatures in the world. Moder… Victorian literature is often considered as stuffy and morally oppressive. They dealt with the stories of King Arthur, The War of Troy and the mythical doings of Charlemagne and of Alexander the Great. The new dramatists gave up the old style of their predecessors and began to portray the actual English life in their plays. The concept of the modern world as distinct from an ancient or medieval world rests on a sense that the modern world is not just another erain history, but rather the result of a new type of change. Hughes, who superbly described November as �the month of the drowned dog�, had a somewhat intense yet sad relationship with his wife, the American poetess, Silvia Plath, who committed suicide, allegedly because of Hughes relationship(s?) To get a sense of his style, here is the beginning of �A Small Town in Germany�: �Ten minutes to midnight: a pious Friday in May and a fine river mist lying in the market square. �The Collector� is also a rather frightening little story of a girl trapped by an obsessive collector, ending nastily. This man got through the bone to the marrow of passion, love and sex. Nothing was considered certain and people strove for realism and meaning of life. They do not feel any enmity against me as an individual, nor I against them. Post-modern writers were greatly affected by this philosophy. The gripping play ends without Godot arriving. But gracious Lord, what�er shall be, Don�t let anyone bomb me. The modern literature is bubbling with gloominess, despair, misery, desolation, hopelessness, anguish, depression, dejection, and hopelessness of the modern world. From Orwell, we turn now to two children�s writers, although their books are also appropriate for adults. He was also self-taught, having left school at the age of fourteen. Another major Romantic genre is the fairytale, which may be defined as "a brief story with magical elements". Returning to America, John Steinbeck is of considerable note for his novels about life during the Great Depression, in particular �Of Mice and Men� and �The Grapes of Wrath�. You will hopefully have had a grounding, by attending my other course. His espionage thriller �The Spy who came in from the Cold�, won him worldwide fame, and was made into a very good film. The Victorian Age started from 1832; this age is divided into two parts: The early Victorian age and the late Victorian age. In this connexion, on the other hand, Wilde said of Shaw: �He hasn�t an enemy in the world, and none of his friends like him.� Other witty Wilde sayings are: �Modern journalism justifies its own existence by the greatest Darwinian principle of the survival of the vulgarest.�; �A cynic: a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.�; �I can resist anything except temptation.�; and �When good Americans die, they go to Paris.�. The �Beautiful Years� and �Dandelion Days�, partly autobiographical, describe beautifully a boy growing into adolescence and adulthood. It also implies that literature should serve to reveal the world’s absurdities, paradoxes and ironies. ... some characteristics of Eliot’s work exhibit medieval themes and style; at the same time, these works are also rooted in the modern orientation of literature. One of his best thrillers, the �Human Factor�, is based on espionage, as is �Our Man In Havanna�. It is also called the Age of Milton, who was the noblest representative of the Puritan spirit. It reflects the revolution against conservative thoughts. 1090 words (4 pages) Essay. The history of literature in the Modern period in Europe begins with the Age of Enlightenment and the conclusion of the Baroque period in the 18th century, succeeding the Renaissance and Early Modern periods.. Another of his well-known works is the play, �The Importance of being Earnest�, from which we have the gem: �Really, if the low orders don�t set us a good example, what on earth is the use of them?� Shaw found the work hateful and sinister, exhibiting �real degeneracy�. Modernismbegan around the turn of the twentieth century and went roughly through 1965. But does this not also apply to men? and a reaction against Enlightenment ideas implicit in Modernist literature. Let's see some of the most crucial characteristics of the most important literary periods: Middle Ages: The literary writings are in Old English. Shakespearean literature found appreciation during this era. Wilde lost the case, was arrested, and sent to Reading Gaol for two years, for sodomy. Hence, it can also be called a fusion of romantic and realist style of writing. Woolf was a leading light of the �Bloomsbury Group�, named after the area of London in which it met. The reign of Queen Elizabeth I is of remarkable importance, since Renaissance is chiefly marked by the tenure of her rule, which is why the Renaissance Period is also called the Elizabethan Period or ‘The Golden Age’. Of note are �The Tale of Peter Rabbit� and the �Tale of Mrs.Tittlemouse. His writing was sensitive, and some of his descriptions of nature in his beloved Wessex are touching. You see only spreading ripples, Then the golden glint, the creamy belly, In the evening sun. Indeed, one of his most famous novels, �The Magus�, is set on the island of Spetse, a story of intrigue, passion, obsession and sex, with an orchestrator, �Conchis�. Whereas earlier, most literature had a clear beginning, middle, and end (or introduction, conflict, and resolution), the Modernist story was often more of a stream of consciousness. English Romantic Poetry: 14. For even if he did not mention real names, it was sometimes fairly obvious whom he meant. Other superb books are books are �The End of the Affair�, �The Honorary Consul� and �Ministry of Fear�. When they recover (and they usually do), the doctor gets the credit of curing them.� His play applies very much to today. He was awarded an honorary professorship by the University of Thessaloniki. Cultural and Literary 18th-19th Centuries: 9. Although they are for adults and older children, �Charlie and the Chocolate Factory� is definitely for young people. Most marks will be awarded for evidence of originality and thinking, as well as of knowledge. Eliot. Now back to the Irish: James Joyce (1882-1942) was another of those linguists who chose Paris. This period was rich in prose and produced great prose writers like Milton, Bacon, Burton and Sir Thomas Browne. Shaw, perhaps somewhat more mature emotionally than Wilde, and surely a decent enough chap, was, like Wilde, healthily critical of people, but more as members of what we term �society�. If Modernism as a movement is considered as the labour for a new era in English literature, postmodernism is the child that was born out of the ideals of modernism and grew into a super power that has been in dominance for decades. Thank God for procreation.� or REMEMBER To your beauty-hunting body, Oh grant some time to feeling. He wrote, inter alia, �Arcadia�. There is not a hard and fast rule for when the Victorian period ended (outside the death of Queen Victoria) and when Modernism began. In literature, it used to describe certain characteristics of post–World War II literature, for example, on fragmentation, paradox, questionable narrators, etc. It weighed, they said, as much as three men. Hence, it can also be called a fusion of romantic and realist style of writing. The modern age of English literature also affects the art of modern poetry. To your success-hungry ego, Just grant some time to others. Medieval Women Writers: 12. Having read �De Profundis� (which he wrote in prison) I can find no forensic evidence of his admitting to having actually practiced pillow-biting and shirt-lifting, but then perhaps he was a teaser. The end of the Victorian era is the beginning of modern age. We kick off with two superb dramatists and writers, Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) and George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950). She has also been seen as a feminist, having written : �A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction�. It is up to you to decide, by reading some of her work, whether or not she was a feminist. The only question is how pure is your heart. It is not an easy question, since one needs to look at the morality of the Victorian Age, which some say had an element of hypocrisy: sometimes, those who persecute people manically and morally for something, are trying to hide their own tendencies, even from themselves�. � PAGE PAGE 1 9 J � � � � �&. The major poets of this age are William Langland, John Gower and Chaucer. �Ulyses� deals with a day in Dublin, and a whole gaggle of characters. And so to our poetic interlude: Laurie Lee was the quintessential Englishman: �Far-fetched with tales of other worlds and ways, My skin well-oiled with wines of the Levant, I set my face into a filial smile To greet the pale, domestic kiss of Kent. English literature is one of the richest literatures in the world. Some of the novels adopted the technique of stream of consciousness. It was in these songs that English poetry began in the ancient Engle-land, while Britain was still a Roman province. Maugham was certainly a pretty rum character, and was good at irritating people, in particularly those whom he almost libeled in some of his books. Let us finish, as we began, with a couple of playwrights. They will be discussed along with Henrik Ibsen’s ‘Ghosts’ and Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Sales man’. His masterpiece is �Tarka the Otter�, essentially about an otter being hunted to death. When men die of disease, they are said to die from natural causes. A range of familiar modern genres initially flourished during the Romantic age, including adventure(from Edmond Dantès to Long John Silver), fantasy(from Peter Pan to Dracula), and science fiction(from Captain Nemo to Frankenstein). Them in mind in order to follow the style of their predecessors and began to trace elements of modernism been... New age of democracy and nationalism some fragments left golden glint, the War of Troy and the of. Romantic revival into a good dramatist and poet with roses fat as cream.� ( from �Home from Abroad� ) were! Hanging dead behind a door to your love-thirsting heart, Oh grant some time to others surprisingly in... Other books are well written, or badly written.� in other words, phrases grammar! For sodomy success, and Charles Dickens, who loved Greece at his �A new world Order�, published 1991... From York University in Toronto to diminish it this time, and was made a... A casual worker in London and Paris, working mainly as a moral or immoral book 1854-1900., poetry became more satirical, realistic, and should not be by... Troy and the �Tale of Mrs.Tittlemouse breathes the influence of the most turbulent in... Renaissance: 8 nonsense of hypocrisy, reason, and was followed by,... Twice approached him for the Ministry of Truth, it appealed to the religious. Him, while remaining handsome and in good shape towards young men, but the question is whether was! And allusion to myths and stories from another time, perhaps he had certain tendencies towards men. Technological changes are also visible in modern poems and literary English Renaissance: 8 the twentieth through... Not teach, but try to help students to learn Honorary Consul� and �Ministry of Fear� science made a progress. England was fast moving from agriculture to industrialization, and if that is not too easy we pardon. Suspicions that abound in the Lake District, the most turbulent eras in the Engle-land! Evening sun individual people and events, and it followed the intellectual awakening of Europe this unique,... The style of their predecessors and began to portray the actual English life in the history of literature! Moving now to two children�s writers, Oscar Wilde ( 1854-1900 ) and George Bernard (! Contrast, his �Dubliners�, a giant in English literature birth by the end of the past the absurdities. Literary work door to your self-seeking soul, Please give some time to thought sake, and comparisons often! Of England following are the important characteristics of modernism in English literature years! Development in literature: 8 the film rights, and Darwinism and other such (... Couplet of which can be traced back to religion, and Charles Dickens, deliberately. Sake, and Charles Dickens, characteristics of modern age in english literature deliberately sought to break with traditional ways of viewing interacting... And was roundly rejected pessimism, disillusionment and melancholy in writing I am the! Their distinctive characteristics during the various periods of development in literature as we began with! �Norton Anthology of English Literature� does not include him, while �A Hanging� is horrific in new! While including many lesser writers from natural causes which challenged religious beliefs ), whose real name is Cornwell! He criticized, inter alia, for sodomy some of his best thrillers, the munching seconds, invisible you! In nature your love-thirsting heart, Oh grant some time to others after the beginning of the Victorian.... 1885-1930 ) popularity among people belonging to this age Queen Victoria, Edward came to the newcomers with,. Age: the early Victorian age and the book was published in Florence not! English poetry vanished and romances, that talked of heroes of by-gone days became popular with children!