They were surprised my family would suggest a low ranked liberal arts college. [sic] are close by for weekend trips. I admired Nando's efforts, and I admire the folks here at OTLSS but it seems almost impossible to get through to these folks who are hellbent on attending law school, any law school. Savannah Law School informed its students and faculty on Wednesday that the school will close at the end of the spring semester. InitiativesNews; Announcements; District Public Forms; Alerts; List Of Schools Dates To Know. that adds up to $85k per sucker, er.. By my second year, after failing to get a job through OCI, it became clear the school was lying. It's not worth it..Also btw, I once got busy in a BK bathroom. Simple theme. “We hope to help these students secure an adequate recovery in light of this devastating turn of events.”. Of course the price tag was not mentioned in the commercial. I can’t attend law school after getting arrested a Walmart bathroom. Savannah Law School Closing Its Door Finally As They Suffer Setback . Also, they supposedly misrepresented her chances of getting a JD there.She claims to be unable to obtain a degree now, as she and her fiancé both live in Savannah, which is far from any other law school. Music to our ears. Nonetheless, my college did a S__T job of advising students of the pros and cons of their career choice and gave no help as to what to look in a career. As if smaller cities and even rural areas all had to have law schools. Crewe’s suit alleges fraud, negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty. I honestly do not think there is any real issue with student loan debt, especially outside of law and maybe from shoddy MBAs (a very similar scam to law school really). Even the elite schools are cashing in on the higher education scam now. Savannah Law's bar passage rate was 54.5% for July, 2017 and 33.3% for February, 2017-- outcomes that were respectively a whopping 23.9% and 20.6% below the Georgia state average. Very few employers came to interview students. Law Students and Alums Seek to 'Save Savannah' From Closing. 2012 put SLS on the map as it opened its doors for its first graduating class. Law dean Malcolm Morris told students about the plan at a town hall meeting, report the Savannah Morning News, and Above the Law.Faculty members had learned of the closure shortly before the meeting, law professor Andy Wright said in a tweet. : 32,300 New Lawyer Jobs by 2029, Turnover of 24 Percent, The Three Questions to Ask Yourself Right Now, For-Profit Charlotte School of Law Closes. I went to a very elite Ivy League undergrad institution and came from a very highly ranked public school in a wealthy area. Recent Currently selected. Well, cry me a river. Some campuses closed (Cooley’s Ann Arbor branch, Atlanta’s John Marshall’s Savannah branch), two schools merged into one (William Mitchell and Hamline), and others announced their closure (Indiana Tech, Whittier, Charlotte, and Valparaiso). Not a single Harvard or Yale on the list. Funny how these high-minded, mission-focused deans and educators turn tail and run once the easy money stops flowing. The supply demand numbers for lawyers dictate that result.It is unclear why lawyers are such cowardly lemmings that they do not mass protest the very unjust lawyer oversupply so as to remove the ABA as accreditor in favor of an organization that fairly represents all law graduates, including the hundreds of thousands of law graduates who are unable to work as lawyers full-time or at all. In addition, transcript and other document services may be available through online. Only one member of its inaugural class passed the bar exam, and the school reportedly has suffered $20 million in losses. It joins a growing club of law schools across the U.S. that have closed or are in the process of closing. i hope it gets much much worse for the cartel! I know a few people who got MBAs and took corporate jobs. !Top of the class (does not know about / understand forced 1L curve unlike undergrad. The Candler Oak Tree is located on the campus. Savannah Law School notified students and faculty March 21 that the Savannah campus would close at the end of the spring semester, and the law school building had been sold. Yet another law campus is closing shop. Their families emphasized education and pushed them to attend the top schools.That is why I can see where Georgia Peach is coming from. If you do the math, this leaves about 8,000 lawyer jobs for each older law school class. And 30% of what you bring generous of the lawyer to pay him what he would have to pay in a referral fee anyway to a lawyer not working for him. However, few people from middle class, lower middle class and poor backgrounds attend this college, even today. But they are more than happy to sell you a worthless masters to collect tuition dollars. In other news, the students of Savannah Law School have been offered a $2k "scholarship" at the parent institution, John Marshall Law School in Atlanta. You will be responsible for your own expenses PLUS SEP taxes (~ 15%) and all taxes at the end. Constructed in 1819 among 26 Seaman's hospitals chartered by an Act of Congress in 1791, the building is the oldest hospital in the state of Georgia, and was used as such until 1980. What difference did the rankings really make I thought! The students, if I may so flatter them, of this über-toilet were informed two days ago. But we fell for the liberal arts college propaganda. There are three law schools right up the road in Nashville (Vanderbilt, Belmont and Nashville law schools), plus the University of Tennessee Law School in Knoxville and the University of Memphis Law School in the city of that name. They had good union jobs with great benefits and a pension. That would have preserved the tender feelings of the dolts that enrolled at this soon-to-be-shuttered über-toilet. But times have changed. I know many of you are happy that schools are closing based on the comments in this forum when this was first announced. View original. "Those cities are four hours' drive from Grundy, Virginia, and much of the driving is through mountainous terrain (thus probably slower for much of the school year). 11. Posted by 2 years ago. I mean .. student. I guess selling off all the buildings before telling the students and faculty about the closure avoids those pesky student protests which invariably follow. This was years ago, and almost everybody in my college class was from a prep school or a highly ranked public school. After announcement of the closure, students were told that if they sought to transfer their credits, the potential school would be notified that Savannah had used a deflated grading curve of 2.7 rather than the customary 2.9 or 3.0, according to the suit. Can always go to another school, etc. A significant percentage of Savannah students got scholarships that required them to keep a GPA of 2.75, but they were not told of the deflated grading curve, the suit alleges. I heard an ad on NPR a couple weeks ago. Numerous posters gave advice based on experience, based on statistics, based on actual facts...and he didn't want to hear it. This person should know better. Here's what I say: He'll get people. 223 Shares / Mar 27, 2018 at 2:27 PM Powered by, CLASS BIAS AND RANDOM THINGS ABOUT LAW SCHOOL AND WHATEVER, UF Becomes the The New Trump University and the Sheep Who Work There, Labor Dept. You can earn your law degree attending classes full or part time. Harris Lowry Manton partner Stephen Lowry announced the suit in a news release. At least that’s what students in the first graduating class would have told you. Savannah Law School, a branch of the John Marshall Law School will be shutting down. Even the few minorities were from elite schools. That and doc review and that contractor job for $20/hr. Although this sad news blindsided the students and faculty, clearly the school's closing has been under consideration for some time as the news also came alongside notice that the school's building had been sold. Check this thread out:$20k base and 1/3rd of what they bring in.Try paying back $250,000+ (more like 350k after undergrad) on that.Or, for that matter, living in anything but a box under a bridge..Everyone yelling at the OP. Lovely article about Savannah Law closing. I believed the stats. But a quick Google search revealed Dartmouth charges $100k+ for this 18 month online course. Now Marshall will just issue an invitation for all to travel the mere 250 miles to finish at the main campus.And even with this closure, this shows the resilience of the scam: according to one of the articles, Marshall did the same thing back in the 80s-in the late 70s it opened a campus in Savannah, which it then closed in the 80s. In the state school, you would have had little individual attention. Savannah Law School students have had a week to freak out over their futures after the law school announced it was closing. Savannah Law School is offering $2,000 scholarships to any students who transfer to Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. IF the Prosper Act passes, I hope these law professors are ready to go back to "Sullivan and Cromwell" LOL. Savannah Law School opened in 2012 with the promise of building the next generation of legal minds. Less than 48 hours after officials from Savannah Law School held a meeting with students and announced the local facility is closing in May, a student has filed legal action. In the depths of the Great Depression, Furman closed its law school in 1932. The school will not generally look at public school students in New York City who are not from one of the tested honor schools like Stuyvesant or Bronx Science. But nobody wants to hire grads from toilet law schools. Some open lawyer jobs have unadvertised experience limits.The problem of a separate and very much unequal job market for experienced lawyers is really there. ^^^^^^^^^^ Needed to be said. Savannah Law School closing [WTVM 9] Savannah Law School to close after spring semester [Savannah Morning News] Staci Zaretsky has been an editor at Above the Law since 2011. Savannah Law School notified students and facultyMarch 21 that the Savannah campus would close at the end of the spring semester, and the law school building had been sold. There were no scam blogs or NYT articles to warn me about the perils of law school. Without a car, none of them is realistically accessible, particularly for a period as short as a weekend. Copyright 2020 American Bar Association. Also, I know it's not a guaranteed thing but with my stats I'm confident I can be at the top of my class at the school so you would think someone would hire the top student from a local LS.I know the obvious counterpoint is not to bank my career on being first in my class, but it's a risk I'm considering."----------------------------------------------------Yuh-Huh! BREAKING - SAVANNAH LAW SCHOOL CLOSES. Only about half of grads of the liberal arts school even earn salaries higher than a high school grad. through that thread. Savannah Law School, a branch of the John Marshall Law School will be shutting down. Nobody in my family went to college. I was rejected by the handful of employers that did interview on campus. The Daily Report Online has coverage of the suit. In med school, many of the students were from wealthy families and went to the Ivy Leagues, or schools like Stanford and Chicago. News Law Students and Alums Seek to 'Save Savannah' From Closing Supporters of the institution hope to convince a public university to take over the school. They were actually all very kind, smart people. $100k+ private practice salaries and 99% employment rates. No nothing. $30 doc review project is in another ad a few clicks down: is/was a night program. It’s like closing a school in NYC and advising students not to worry, they have entree to a campus located somewhere in Maryland between Baltimore and D.C. Her fiancee’s job leaves her unable to transfer. Citing information and belief, Crewe’s suit alleges Savannah Law School and John Marshall Law School “established Savannah Law School to obtain student loan money while aiming long-term to make a profit by flipping the property where Savannah Law School is located.” The property sold for a multiple of its purchase price, the suit says, citing information and belief. In other words, the students at Savannah are screwed. A couple of professors went to Virginia, one to Pennsylvania, one to NYU, one to Chicago. Current students will be assisted with their personal higher education goals. But if we had more info available at the time, like the College Scorecard website, we would have avoided the liberal arts toilet.