There would have been a growler, I can feel it but it doesn't work. I am trying to find out the age of these bears and Possibly the value for insurance purposes. The bear has always had a "scent " that smells "perfumy" or possibly a "cedar " smell. I would like to have my Charlie revitalized is their a bear hospital that can bring him back to glory. Get the best deals on Hermann Antique Teddy Bears when you shop the largest online selection at He had a string at the back of his neck which worked his mouth. I have a Winnie the Pooh that is from Gund co. I have a composition jointed teddy bear that is about 13-14 long. It has a small hump on the back. It has close glass dark eyes ,long wavy hair, a pointed nose with lots of individual hairs and what looks like padded felt paws. I would say it was made in the 1920-1930s. I have a teddy which I beleive is very old. I have a bear that I know is over 70 yrs old. Often, teddy bears can be attributed to their maker simply by style or look. I have an old bear of my grandads who was born in the 1920’s. I have the three little bears papa mama and baby from the 1940 the Papa is 11” mama 9” baby 7” not in best condition as I played with them they have some worn spots just wondering what they are worth. I offer an expert, friendly and sympathetic restoration service for antique and vintage teddy bears. Please help me trace his origins. They made their first bears in 1907 at the height of the teddy bear boom. In this section we provide compelling and informative articles, news and collecting tips. Can you help me date my bear? Would love to sell them. Moving joints glass eyes. The first Bing bears had a metal arrow in the ear with the initials G.B.N. Gund Bears Price / Value Guide: Browse FREE Gund Bears Price & Value Guide. Leg measurement is also 21cm. Thank you for your time. Call us for personal attention 01404 823444 email . Generally, noses were originally hand-stitched with black or brown thread. Jul 9, 2017 - Vintage Teddy Bears. My aim is to carefully restore your bear so that you can enjoy him for many more years! Puckers may also indicate that the seam was finished by hand. They are both in comparitively good condition. I seen one like it on Antiques Road show and the person said that the nose on that one was worth about 20,000 American. One of the ears has been crudely sewn back on. Hello I have four bears different sizes and they come in their own individual box they are were brought in Italy and the name on the box is FRADE-TESERO Looks like a production of toys are from the PhilippinesThe sizes vary from 10 inches up to approximately 18 inches each bear as a different character, they all have moving arms legs and heads . Legs and arms bend and swing freely where they meet the torso but do not bend at elbow or knee areas. Do you have any suggestions on how tomfind one ? nose is almost like a real nose from looks and feel. Shorter, stumpy limbs were popular in the 1950s. It's about $10-15 per Item and a good reference point, Hi i have a bear from the english teddy bear co. Heaven knows what you'll discover. Feels quite heavy. I have a bear that I believe is from the 1930’s. Over a period of time someone has stitched on the pads of the bottom of the feet and paws and also the snout appears to have had new stitching at some time. Very soft and silky, it is a fabric woven from Angora goat fleece. Would love to see a pic, would then attempt to make one, and just have some information. Hi there I’ve just started collecting :) just wondering if there is somewhere to post photos so people can help me find out more about my bears? Thanks, It's got covered in it to keep it together is very old 47 years old. Record keeping is important with antique pieces that are difficult to date or lacks any form of identification. Artificial silk plush, in various colours, was used in the 1920s (nylon plush wasn't invented until 1938). Law requires that manufacturers use these unless the teddy is labeled as not being a toy. Hi I have a teddy bear that has a plastic nose and plastic eyes yet when I squished it, it makes a loud crunch. Sheepskin was popular in the 1930s and '40s. We offer quality bears from Steiff Merrythought Gund Hermann Deans Chad Valley Schuco Pedigree Farnell and more. $9.30. Worn away label on inside left leg. Teddies stuffed with kapok feel firmer and heavier, and resist insect attacks. Bear manufacturers include German and English teddies made by Steiff, Bing, Cramer, Chad Valley, Chiltern, Omega & Farnell Many manufacturers have distinctive features in the bears that make them readily identifiable. Named after President Teddy Roosevelt, the teddy bear is still a favorite among children and collectors. I can not see any where I can load a photo. He was about 18 to 20 inches long. So as you can see he’s had a varied and awesome life but he has no memory of his past. Hi i have a teddy bear with moving parts platic nose and a rattle inside can anyone tell me were i could go to get a price for it and of course tell me if its a old bear thanks. Thank you! Rexine was used by some British and Australian manufacturers, which was a coated oilcloth. He was decorated with honours in all these accounts (but only by me as the armed services don’t recognise elderly teddy bears as real members of the military apparently!!!). I'm not too sure of when my bear was made or what type of bear he is. Straw filled. Glass eyes are cooler and harder than plastic eyes. The online magazine covers every sector of the Teddy Bear world. Any way I can find pictures and descriptions? I have an old horse I’ve had since I was about 4. Waist measures 38cm. General wear and tear. He’s served his time in some of the worst most war-torn places on Earth, ranging from Afghanistan to Sierra Leone, The Bosnian conflict in 1993 to Operation Desert Storm and the war on terror after the awful attacks of September the 11th 2001. But Tookie(yes that's his name) had the original brownish-orange eyes, his nose is gone or wasn't there in the first place, his fur is probably goat fur since it is soft and silky and his has a light brown spot on his belly and muzzle and brown for the rest of his fur. I would like to know what kind of bear he is. He is a Leo and liked long walks on the beach and cuddles from his family. He had a zip up fur suit and red and white stripes on him underneat. I have my dads bear and I’m trying to see who made it? hi Jodi have a teddy which is 28 inches tall and 12 inches shoulder to shoulder wide, he has a long snout with a brown stitched end and below he has an actual opening mouth, all his joints move I think cardboard and he has like a firm wood straw stuffing, he has short velvety fir and a lighter colour on the pads, his limbs seem back to front as they are curved at the ends so if you face his head the same way that his feet are pointing then his arms seem to curl the opposite way but if you put them upwards each side of his head in I guess a typical angry bear pose then he looks right if you see what I mean! Gebruder Bing was founded in Nuremberg in 1865 by Ignaz and Adolf Bing to make tin and kitchenware and later enameled and tin toys around 1890. It has a pointed snout. Plastic joints were first used in the 1960s. Antique Fechter Old Teddy Bear 20.5 Inch Brown Mohair Open Mouth Rare USD 1,495.00 ; Antique 1930s Hermann Beha Germany Teddy Bear Bear 23 inch Beige Silk Plush USD 1,495.00 ; Antique Germany 1950s Yellow Mohair Bear Working Tilt Growler BIG 2 Ft Tall RARE USD 1,495.00

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